Luke 22: 53

…..”but this is your hour, the time for the power of darkness.”

It is never easy to be a Christian.  For to be called such will mean persecutions, abandoning ones preference, leaving the old life.  The practice of Christianity is putting on white garments.  The garments of praise, of purity.  Sometimes, God allows us to go through fire not just to test our faith but that all impurities may be peeled off.  Those are the times when darkness seems to reign.  The good news is, it reigns for a while, for after that process comes the awesome newness in us.

As I reflect more on this verse, I felt the Lord ask me, “When do you see the light shine its brightest?  Is it not when it is in darkness?”  God lets us around darkness that we may see Him and follow Him more closely.  

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, help me to keep my eyes on You, that I may not see the darkness that covers me but Your light that shines through.


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