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Album Campaign

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Initially, there was only Cris and myself serving in our religious organization’s Music Ministry. Then our two eldest daughters showed interest in doing covers of inspirational songs.  As the years went by we started writing our own songs inspired by special moments with the Lord such as during prayer time, scripture reading, or important occasions in our lives. Looking at them, it came to us that these songs were all about the Sacraments – “outward signs instituted by Christ to give grace”- and through continuous prayers we were able to finish writing for the rest of the sacraments. 

Unfortunately, our resources are limited.  The funds we had went to the development of our home recording studio, different applications (which proved to be costly), some equipments like acoustic panels, apogee symphony I/O, UAD-2 Octo Core, software plugins, condenser mics, roland drums etc.  We are now in need of financial assistance to be able to finish the rest of the songs, produce our first album and make it available in digital and CD forms to be distributed both here in the US and in the Philippines. It would also be used to cover unforeseen expenses as we continue to finish the album and write more songs. 

The album we are currently working on contains songs/music about the seven Sacraments in a contemporary style one can use during the celebration of mass itself, a rite, or in service of different ministries and communities.  We have been truly blessed through these songs.  We learned so many things preparing our hearts, minds, and spirits for His words, music, and melody. 

We responded to take the path which not a lot of people would choose to take.  May His grace help us go through its bumps and curves.  May faithfulness on our part bring miracles beyond our imagination. 

Will you journey with us and be part of those miracles?  You will be through your support by buying our single/s or by donation below. No amount is too little; we appreciate all the help. 

Together, we could finish this album with a stronger conviction about His Presence in His kind of music that serves to glorify Him and sanctify us. It was for this very reason that Simply4Him was born.