This song was the anniversary gift of our two elder daughters, Cristtiah (then 16) and Cristel (then 14)…. never been in love. We were amazed at how beautifully they were able to create a song meant for married couples who had gone through many pleasant and unpleasant things that life brings. It is such a joy to know they recognized the hand of God had everything to do with all of them.Thank you, Cristtiah and Cristel for giving us the honor to work on your original song and for giving us a reason to cherish it ….Forever.

Lyrics/Music/Melody: Cristtiah and Cristel Baltazar
Keyboard/Drums/Backup vocal: Cristel Baltazar
Electric guitar/ Backup vocal: Cristtiah Baltazar
Bass guitar/ Backup vocal: Crishelle Baltazar
Main Vocal: Cristina Baltazar
Mixing Engineer: Cris Baltazar
Master Engineer: Matthew Gray Mastering

Forever (Anniversary Gift)
Date written: April 26, 2014

Verse I
You’re the first and only love I ever knew
One I’d gladly share all my days with
You’re the one who’s with me through the wrongs and rights of my life
And I just can’t imagine how’d it be if you never married me

Pre Chorus
Two hearts beat as one
When we went to the altar
And pledged our undying love
To each other forever

Oh God was there
When we were searching for each other
Oh God was there
To lead us to His arms
And when He finally opened our eyes
And brought our hearts together
He gave His gift and gave us His love


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Artist :
Title : Forever
Release Date : September 18, 2015
Label :
Catalog ref. : 859715613926
Format : Digital Download