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Like our other songs, Song of Dedication was born out of a personal prayer time. Every night, when all our kids have gone to bed, i would visit each and take a moment to give thanks and reflect on the blessings God has given through them. They are overflowing! No way to repay His goodness, except to dedicate them back to Him… For His purpose…. For His plans.

Lyrics: Cristina Baltazar
Music and Melody: Cristtiah and Cristel Baltazar
Keyboard/Effects/Arrangement: Cristel Baltazar
Main Vocal: Cristtiah Baltazar
Mixing Engineer: Cris Baltazar

May 11, 2014

In your most perfect time You brought this priceless gift
These hands You made the keeper of Your child
What a moment set apart my heart rejoices
In this life that is a blessing in itself

Oh my spirit praises from the sunrise till the sunset
On precious memories like this
When life truly becomes His

This day You made perfect to dedicate her back to You
To bless, love, and hold in a way only You can do
To fulfill the plans that You have from the moment of her creation
Allow her to be a blessing in turn throughout all generation

Oh moments such as this so precious, yes so true!
When one realizes, “It’s not me but it’s You”
Who makes life so meaningful through sacred mysteries
When existing becomes living, and life becomes His….

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Song of Dedication

Artist :
Title : Song of Dedication
Release Date : February 22, 2016
Format : Digital Download