It started with Jesus’ offering of Himself, who was blameless and sinless. So that while we were still sinners, our way might be prepared. It happened during the passover meal. And during that time, taking the bread and wine, He gave us a commandment, “Do this in remembrance of me”. And so we did. That’s “The Communion”.

March 25, 2016

Your act on Calvary
You laid Your life for me
Grace flowed from Your side
You cleansed my soul inside

I’m Moved by Your love
So in remembrance of You
I take this bread of life
And drink this cup of hope

This Time, I give You my eyes
To gaze upon the beauty of Your Presence
And this time, I understand
You are all I long for You are, You are

Verse II:
As I prepare myself
To quench my inner thirst
Greet me throughYour grace
Meet me in this place
(Repeat Pre-chorus and Chorus)

There is nothing I shall want but You, Jesus
There is nothing I shall want but You
(Repeat Chorus)

You are my Lord and King
You are my Savior, my everything

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The Communion

Artist :
Title : The Communion
Release Date : May 9, 2016
Format : Digital Download