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So many life lines….. so many lessons…. so many words……all of them lead to the teachings of Jesus. For He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” He is the One who can make all these possible, because we are His…..

We give honor to our priests, missionaries, and  all the faithful who made a choice to follow Jesus through the narrow path. This song was written with you in mind. We are inspired by the way you fulfill your calling – being resigned to simply say, “We are Yours!” 

Lyrics/Music/Melody: Cristel Baltazar
Main Vocal/Arrangement: Cristel Baltazar
Synthesizer/Drums/Backup vocal: Cristel Baltazar
Electric guitar/Backup vocal: Cristtiah Baltazar
Bass guitar/ Backup vocal: Crishelle Baltazar
Mixing Engineer: Cris Baltazar
Master Engineer: Matthew Gray Mastering

We are Yours (Pages)
By: Cristel Baltazar
Date: March 17, 2014

Verse I.
They say life is a flower and we fade
Make the most of the time that we have here today
Coz you’ll never know when God will take it away

Verse II.
They say dreams can come true if you make them to
Mountains are always there God will help you go through
Coz you’ll never know how much that faith can do

And all of our days, we hear the voice of truth
From the inside out our hearts He make them new (so)

As we live our lives
Let Your glory shine
As Your glory shines
Let Your love define
Who we are…..we are
We are Yours

Verse III.
They say you are the author of your life
When it’s God’s given grace that inspires the scribe
But you’ll never know unless you give Him a try

Verse IV.
They say words that speak love can heal and bless
Come to me says the Lord and I’ll give you rest
But you’ll never know unless you give Him a chance

Refrain 2x

When we seek the road that’s narrow
Searching for our God
All-Hallowed Be Thy name in You we rise
And in our hearts Your mercy lies

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We are Yours

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